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Hung Like A Martyr Front Page Issue 1114

Hung Like A Martyr
Powerhouse riffs and monster grooves are the weapon of choice for STL band Hung Like A Martyr. Hitting the stage with a new singer and a new song to promote, this heavy metal group is already lining up national shows. This time the band will share the stage with none other than the Misfits!
The new song ‘Kill Your Own King’ is a metal masterpiece that was produced by the band itself. Adding a new member to the group, the band has a new distinct sound that separates them from other bands in the region.
visit for more details on their show with the Misfits
In the summer of 2009, guitarists Paul Dontigney and Erik Spiller began collaborating on the idea of forming a metal band that drew upon their love of classic metal and horror movies.  Though, unknowing of the direction they would take, they knew they wanted to bring metal back to it’s roots.  Enlisting the aid of bass player Adam Fuchs and childhood friend Jimmy Funk (who would later leave the band after the release of Dead Body Dump Truck due to personal reasons), the four began working on what would become the first incarnation of the band Hung Like A Martyr.  Known then as “Sons Of Arkham”, they began writing the material that would later become the Dead Body Dump Truck EP.  After a lengthy audition process, the band brought in Gary Hotchkiss to fill the duties on drums, and  Gary Johnston on vocals.  Drawing upon the inspiration of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and White Zombie, and mixing newer influences like Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, and Fear Factory, they began to craft songs that were both fast and brutal with heavy grooves and melodic undertones. The band performed around the St. Louis area as both an opening act and a headliner for nearly 2 years before personal interest and conflicts from within would result in the departure of Hotchkiss and Johnston. Just when it seemed as though the band's future were fading, a gift from the gods of Rock N' Roll brought forth Curtis Toler to take the throne on drums and the mighty Bruce Morrison on vocals to lead the band to victory. Now, after years of broken drumsticks and bleeding fingers, we proudly present to you...

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