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Go Sista Soul Sista: Interview with Raye Cole



Wasup Errbody I'ts ya boy Mike Tree  with  bringing you

"Urban thoughts on Urban Arts"

Allow me to direct your attention to an emerging talent hailing from the gateway city #STL

The lovely Miss Raye Cole

First impressions can be lasting they also can be fleeting but the first time I seen Raye Cole perform the only word i could use to describe would be magnetic, her voice commanded the attention of the crowd without asking, this un-apologetically soulful songstress has been leaving a lasting mark on the industry in more ways than one.

learn more as Raye and I talk it up a bit...



Mike Tree: What inspired your writing style?

Raye Cole: Well I've been writing since i was 14 the inspiration came from real life, for example growing up as a youth you cant always say what your feeling so i would just write it and eventually i was able to craft it into song.

Mike Tree: Explain your first introduction to performing...

Raye Cole: I was 22 at legacy books and cafe my friends family and co workers came out to support and it was a great feeling that  inspired me to find more open mics around town.

Mike Tree: What other areas of music are you pursuing?

Raye Cole: Becoming an A&R, it would be great to present a platform for my peers in my artistic circle

Songwriting is another passion of mine sometimes more than singing I await the day to hear a hit song that I wrote on the radio performed by any of my favorite artist.

last but not least i am blogging for it gives up coming artist a heads up look into some of the inside track experiences I've had as an indie artist in St Louis.

Mike Tree: Name some the key points in your career thus far?

Raye Cole: I won a trip to the Grammy's with my single God$ Gun at the Hilton Rockstar Contest and the same song was granted placement in the Spike Lee Joint Cronies which made the cut to be a tracked on the official trailer. I'm also donating my talents to the songs of love organization we write songs for kids that are suffering from tough medical physical or emotional challenges.

My most recent endeavor is working with STlive a company that works to find booking for locals. Raye can be seen performing with Curt Copeland a guitar/pianist






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