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Ear to the Grind Hip Hop Cover Jan 2016

As we come eagerly into the new year most of us have a favorite band or artist we’ve been waiting to drop some new tunes. #Awaken has decided to bring some of the grinders to your attention. These artists have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a piece of their life. From new albums, new videos, to tours... The Independent Music Scene has got lots to look  forward to in 2016.  


Genre: Hip Hop
Band Members: Tamara "Bates" Dodd
Hometown: Saint Louis
Record Label: My City Records
Current Location: Saint Louis
Influences: 2 Pac, Eminem, Boss, Bone, Twista, Dirty Boyz, Fiend, Busta Rhymes, Smurf, and myself



MZ. 007

Mike Tree: At what point did you know your career was about to take off?

MZ 007: When I moved to L.A. when my manager signed me to his production company after blowing up in the Mid-West, he
spent a weekend with me and we got V.I.P. treatment at each show that’s when he knew I was ready!

Mike Tree: What was the biggest sacrifice moving from St. Louis to L.A.?
MZ 007: Leaving family and friends.

Mike Tree: What makes your hit song “Important” so important to you?
MZ 007: My manager asked me how do I want to feel when I’m in the club my first thought was “important” I made the song for the women to feel special about themselves it’s definitely a self-worth anthem. “No matter who you are, you are important.”

Mike Tree: To the loyal readers of ‘Awaken Your Music Magazine’ will you give us the latest with Mz. 007 and an exclusive sneak peek into 2016?
MZ007: Well I can’t spoil all the fun but I am working on T.V. situation as well as a team album with all St. Louis artist!!!



Mike Tree: In one sentence or less describe your work ethic
Yak Boy Fresh:“5 In 1”, Do 5 years of work in 1 Year, we don’t sleep much.

Mike Tree: Describe your most grueling schedule and what fueled you to keep pushing
Yak Boy Fresh: I wouldn’t say anything is grueling but if I had to pick something it would be touring probably because we
all play so many roles. I’m not just an artist; I do all the editing for the recap video which has to be up on our social media outlets before the fans wake up. I as well engineering everything (audio) on the bus. I love being on the road though, opened up my mind so much.

Mike Tree: Give us the low down what is your most recent project and what can we expect going forward in 2016 from yak boy fresh
Yak Boy Fresh: I just dropped an EP on itunes, Spotify, googleplay, etc… called TIE “Timing Is Everything”. We went on tour with the homie Stevie Stone from Strange Music and I had to give my fans some music. I have about 2-3 albums done, but like this EP said, Timing Is Everything. Its all about work smarter not harder. In 2016 I plan on pushing Roll Up & Smoke Featuring Murphy Lee more which has been getting a lot of radio play across the US. Me and Scotty Springer (another artist from STL living in LA with me) came together and created a record called “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” and ¾ of the album is acoustic and violin, it’s crazy.


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