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Winter Warm-Up Feat One Day at Pop's Concert Venue Cover

So on January 21, 2017 Visionary Media and 105.7 the Point proudly sponsored Winter Warm-Up Feat One Day at Pop's Concert Venue in Sauget, Il, hosted by Cornbread. The bands that were playing at this event included the following: OneDay, Maximus, Seeing Seven, OATM, Dark Below and Sooner Than Later.

Starting at 6 pm, the doors opened and there was a happy hour between 6-7 pm. This was an all ages show, so of course we had our youngest little fan there at 1 years old and then Abel was there as well, rocking it out as he always done and is a little crowd pleaser plus the bands love him.

Starting the show was Seeing Seven, a hard rock band from the St. Louis area. The first time for me hearing them was at Rockfest this past Labor Day weekend at Huzzah Valley. Take a listen to them on the website, Seeing 7 and they have a new album that is in the works to come out later this summer 2017.

Second up we have Sooner Than Later a rock band from the St. Louis area who's been together approximately 10 years. They were really good, my first time seeing them I believe and they really rocked it out. You can go to the following to hear their songs Sooner Than Later.

Third up, was Out Against the Masses or as they are normally referred to OATM. This was the first time we've seen this band out for quite sometime. They have had some changes but it seems to really work for them as a 4 piece band. They sounded amazing with Jay and Gary on vocals. A little bit about OATM if you've never heard them, then you are definitely missing out they have this raw, grittiness about them in a Rock/Metal feel. I have faith that we are going to be hearing some new music from them quite soon, possibly even later this year?



Fourth up, was Maximus a band made up of five mid-western talent from the Kansas, Iowa and St. Louis areas. Maximus never disappoints and they also are the band that had the youngest fan there. There is a show coming up in March in St. Louis if you missed them last night and you can find out more about it here: Maximus Show. Let me tell you if you've not seen these guys yet, you are missing a heck of a performance was a good time had by all.

Up next we have Dark Below, a Hard Rock band out of the Columbia, MO area. They came on the seen in 2012 and I had the pleasure of first seeing them again at Rockfest out at Huzzah Valley Labor Day weekend. This band does not disappoint and love their song Make Believe.

Finally we have One Day. This band does not disappoint people and they have become like family to me as well as alot of their fans. It was Brad Murphy's first night back playing with the band and let me tell you he just owned the drums like he hadn't missed a beat. Also it was announced that Bradley Jargon was their new bass player and let me tell you that he will tear it up as well. They surprised us at the end of their set with a new song and it was awesome. I think that we will be hearing new music from them hopefully in 2017 as well.

If you have 105.7 The Point where you can listen to it on Sunday evenings at 9 pm, tune into the Local Show hosted by Cornbread. If you can't pull it on your radio you can listen live online or download the point app and listen live on there. Support your local music and keep it real. A lot of good shows coming up in the next few months and I'm back to review them as well.



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