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Looking Back 2015 Part 1


I didn't really make much noise last year, I Upgraded my equipment and software this year, and mastered the production process a bit more. Heading into 2016 I released 1 video for my new project. The video was shot by me and a few of my guys and I edited it myself. DJ Absolut of the Heavy Hitters reached out to me and invited me to the “Rock The Mic” Showcase January 19, 2016. I invite everyone to support the release of my most recent project, New Religion, which is available on,, Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Reverbation.

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The #STL music scene has been good to me in 2015 I've done 52 shows on one calendar year and I still have more coming, an lot of hard work and dedication went into this definitely my grind has got me here. One thing that makes me different from other artists out here is that I never write I only freestyle and I haven’t met anyone else out here doing that!
Picture Credit:    mr. Colman

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