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Wasup Errbody It's Ya Boy Mike Tree rolling out the red capet to present the rebirth, and the relaunch, of The Fixx Music Company LLC. We have been working countless hours to create a media company that embodies everything the underground unsigned aspiring talent has to offer and we've done so in such an eloquent way that it appears seamless the navigation of the websites and the flow of content is a natural ebodiment of creativity passion and the artistic way of life we're on to something big and we want you involved from day one! you being the musician that needs a platform you being the fan that loves the performing arts you being the producer that needs to book studio time you being the dj that needs a gig we are bringing the entertainment sector together as one fluid body of movers shakers and regulaters we are invite those that lead those that follow those that watch and those patiently waiting on thier time to shine #joinus in
creating a gengre bending all inclusive home for the eclectic #joinus in creating a game changing entertainment powerhouse #joinus as we grow from few to many below marks our progress to date with our latest innnovative works Awaken Your Music Radio and Awaken Your Music Megazine stay tuned as we proudly reveal the next phases in our grand scheme...


#aymnradio a variety of vibrations hand picked for quality enjoy the brightest budding talents void the restrictions of having genre be the focus, at #aymnradio its always about the music so the focus doesnt change its in our company slogan "Words are power Music is the weapon." when we aquire the music we present it to you un-cut and raw the imagery of the artist is available to you in its purest form. the #aymnradio staff is commited to quality music with an up close and personal look into each artist listen for band interviews concert announcements and your favorite regulary scheduled programs.

#aymn #megazine is our testiment of how the culture once was and how it can and should be now, if i had to explain #aymn #megazine in 3 word it would be best described as a ground-breaking limitless artform. #aymn #megazine by design is charted to be one the leading fully interactive publications giving the reader an exciting new advantage over traditional magazines.




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